Phil Downer

Core Values

The Core Values saved this warrior and his family's life. Let Phil speak about his transformation.


As a father of six and grandfather of 15, Phil speaks to couples about the heart of their marriages.


Phil shares the practical steps to a resilient life, pursuit of excellence, and restoration of purpose.

United States Marine Corps - Viet Nam Machine Gunner

Hotel Company
2nd Battalion, 5th Marines

Machine Gunner, Hotel Company, 2d Bn, 5th Marines, Viet Nam 1967 - 1968. Machine Gunner Downer’s company of 120, Hotel 2/5, was the very company featured in the award-winning movie, Full Metal Jacket, which chronicled combat engagements including the machine gunner, “Animal Mother”.

This MACHINE GUNNER fought in Viet Nam only to come home looking for an enemy who was not there. He had his finger on the trigger and crosshairs trained on the wrong enemy, his family. Hear Phil speak about his transformation straight from a combat veteran.





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Leadership at the Depth of Trust

Building a strong relationship of trust in those who wish to lead.

Successful Resiliency at Home

Your home team is your first team – invest in your loved ones!

Core Values - A Balanced Life of Excellence

Determining your core values at home, work, and recreation.

Core Values in the Barracks, Battle, & Beyond

Consistent values of high character applied to each aspect of your life.

Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Assault

Be a trusted friend, build a team on that trust, and protect from the untrustworthy.

Resiliency in the Military and in Life

Practical steps to a resilient life, pursuit for excellence, and restoration of purpose.

Combat Trauma

The symptoms destroy and the solutions are vital for the healing process.

The Value of Military Experience

Applying what is learned in the military and combat to life.

Tackling Hazing

Addressing the critical issue of hazing before it leads to a worse outcome.

Suicide Prevention

Piercing the five lies of suicide in your own life and in the lives of others.

Military Marriage & Family

Having hit bottom, Phil learned boundaries and how to seek rest.

Voluntary Spiritual Fitness

The need to build men and women in body, mind, and spirit.

Phil Downer

Drawing on his combat experience in Viet Nam, Phil explains how he came home and applied the Core Values to his education and profession but not his personal life, leaving in his wake a trail of broken relationships and moments of indiscretion. Phil shares how the invaluable lessons he learned from the lives of those who led and fought with him contributed to restoring a broken marriage and damaged relationships with his children and helped him rebuild relationships in his professional life as a trial lawyer, CEO, and author of nine books.

When Phil is relaxing, he can be found on his daily sixty-minute run, rafting with Marines in Idaho, riding horses with Soldiers in Texas, swapping stories with submarine Sailors in California, surfing with Marines in California, speaking to Air Force Commandos in England, on a hot date with Susy, his wife of almost 53 years, or playing with one of his 15 grandchildren
Phil Downer served as one of the senior partners in a 50-attorney law firm having offices in Atlanta, Washington, Dallas, and San Diego. In addition to his trial practice, he has written and lectured extensively on the topic of trial practice and litigation and co-authored the book, Condominium and Homeowner Association Litigation.

● Lawyer Emeritus, Georgia Bar Association
● DNA: Speaker Since 2001
● CBMC: President 1991-2000
● Hyatt & Rhoads Law firm: 1975-1990, Senior Partner, Trial Lawyer
● Emory Law School: Juris Doctor, 1975
● Emory Law Day, 1974, Appellate Advocacy Finalist Award
● Southern Methodist University: BA in Business Administration 1972
● MCRD San Diego, Platoon 2214 - graduated October 1966
● MCB Camp Pendleton School of Infantry - graduated November 1966
● MCB Camp Pendleton, Machine Gun MOS training – graduated January 1967
● 1967-1968, Republic of South Viet Nam, machine gunner with Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, Corporal

Combat search and destroy operations:
● Operation Calhoun, June 1967
● Operation Swift, September 1967
● Operation Shelbyville, September 1967
● Operation Essex, November 1967
● Operation Auburn December 1967 – January 1968
● Honorable discharge 1968
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